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Training & Simulation

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Are you looking to implement DevOps but not quite sure the best way to do it, or even where to start?  Or perhaps you already have some form of DevOps in place but need some help taking it to the next level?


Our team of experienced DevOps architects and engineers will craft a strategy that is tailored to you and your organisation!  We start by understanding what you are trying to achieve and why, followed by an assessment of your current landscape and DevOps maturity.  This gives us a clearer picture as to where the gaps and key challenges are so that we can provide you with a strategy and approach that is right for you.

DevOps Strategy

  • Environment strategy - how many types of environments do you need, what will they be used for and where should they be hosted (public cloud, private cloud,  on-premise, or a hybrid)?  


  • Automation strategy - where could and should automation be implemented?


  • Enterprise tooling strategy - what are the recommended tools that will meet your functional and non-functional requirements while at the same time complement and work well with your existing tooling landscape?


  • Scaling strategy - how will you scale the DevOps transformation and encourage adoption across your organisation?


  • Transformation approach - where should you start first?  A balanced approach is often needed to minimise risk while maximising value and ROI.



We leverage modern frameworks and ways of working to streamline your organisation and improve the speed and quality of your software delivery.


We design and implement elegant DevOps and automation solutions that enable you to get your latest products to your customers securely, reliably and faster.


We strongly believe that to get the most from your DevOps transformation, you not only need a strong technical implementation but also the right culture and mindset - one that breaks  down traditional silos and brings your development and operations teams together with a shared accountability for the quality of your solutions.

DevOps Transformation

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration


We implement build pipelines that automate the build and testing of code every time a new code change is committed.


Code is automatically merged into a central repository and automated testing is run (unit testing, performance and load testing, API/integration testing etc.)

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery


Get your latest products, features and fixes delivered to your customers faster and safer.


We will build your Continuous Delivery capability so that code changes are packaged and always in a deployable and production-ready state.

Environment Provisioning

Environment Provisioning


Don’t waste valuable time building images and running manual scripts.


We will help you to take advantage of the latest tools and technology to spin up and down environments at the click of a button.  


Automatically provision your environments including installation and setup of the infrastructure, operating systems, applications, data and configuration.

Agile and DevOps Coaching

Agile & DevOps Coaching


We will help coach and guide you towards a more Agile and DevOps mindset and culture to break down silos, improve collaboration and build continuous improvement and quality into the daily routine.


Bring your development and operations teams together, with a shared responsibility for the quality of the code, removing the “over the wall” mentality.

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DevOps Training and Simulation


We offer training courses have been designed to empower your teams with the skills and know-how they need to get the most from their DevOps transformation.  


  • For Senior Managers to gain buy-in by being able to clearly articulate the reasons for change and the benefits that DevOps will bring to your organisation

  • For teams to understand the mindset, methods and tools they can utilise to improve how they work and ultimately deliver better products and services.


Crafted by Agile and DevOps experts and practitioners who have applied their experience and insights to address key issues and challenges that teams face time and time again with their transformations.

Training Style


We believe that participants get the most from training sessions that are memorable, immersive and thought-provoking.  Our courses are highly interactive, led by experienced trainers who bring the theory to life with games, practical simulations and real-life case studies.


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Technical Staffing

What do we do?

We will work with you to understand your staffing needs and once we are crystal clear on what it is you are looking for, we will do all the candidate sourcing and interviewing. 


Right first time, every time.

We won’t bombard you with candidates.  


We will only put forward candidates that are the best fit for you, from both a character and technical point of view. You can trust us to always hold our candidate submissions to our own very high standards - if the candidate is not good enough to work at Furō, then simply put, they are not good enough for you.

What makes us different and better?


We are technologists through and through with computing degrees at university and have worked in a broad variety of technology strategy and implementation roles at Tier 1 firms including Accenture and PwC.

We are technical people

recruiting for technical roles

This means we have first hand experience with the roles that we recruit for and know what good looks like versus what really good looks like. We understand and have been through the same challenges candidates are likely to face in their roles and so we make sure that they have the right skills and experience to overcome them.

What our service includes:


  • Latest market trends and insights - we will provide you with the latest information on the market conditions and what skills are high in demand vs. supply.

  • Candidate sourcing - we will source candidates from the market, using various channels depending on the role.

  • Candidate vetting - every candidate will go through a thorough qualification process that includes a non-technical interview (focusing on their character, approach and soft skills) and a technical interview (focusing on their technical competency).

  • Ongoing regular reviews and check-ins - our work doesn’t stop once the candidate is placed.  We will schedule regular reviews and check-ins with both the candidate and yourself to make sure the placement continues to work well.

Contract and permanent roles that we staff:

  • Agilists - agile coaches (enterprise, program and team), scrum masters, product owners, agile business analysts

  • DevOps - DevOps engineers,  automation engineers, cloud engineers, infrastructure engineers

  • Cloud - cloud architects, virtualisation engineers, AWS/Azure engineers

  • Development - frontend and backend developers (Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C/C++, C#, PHP, .NET, Swift) 

  • Architecture - solution architects, technical architects, enterprise architects

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